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Student Leadership Conference Application
Application- 4 Easy Steps

1)  Complete Online Application and Online Self-Assessment Form.

2)  Write a brief essay (can be written and submitted online)

3)  Ask your minister, youth minister, other adult (no family member) to complete your reference form.  You can send them
    the link to the online form.

4)  Submit Online (or mail) the all elements of the application to YiM before June 25, 2014.

**Deadline for all 4 Application Elements is June 25, 2014**

Registration Fee
  • The Registration Fee for the YiM Student Leadership Conference is $350.00. 
  • Students attending the conference for the first time and who apply before the June 25, 2014 deadline, may be eligible for
    a $250.00 scholarship, leaving a balance of $100.00.
  • Registration scholarships are limited and are provided as funds are available. 
  • The Registration Fee for students who have previously attended the conference is $350.00.
  • Deposits are nonrefundable.
  • The Registration Fee is not due until you receive an acceptance letter with additional details and information.



VOCATIONAL INTERESTS:  We would like to get an idea of your vocational interest(s).
Please look at the list of vocational interests below and select ALL THAT APPLY to you.





Self Assessment

Please give an honest assessment of how you see yourself in the following categories on a scale from 1-5

1=Strongly Agree    2=Mildly Agree    3=Neutral    4=Mildly Disagree    5=Strongly Disagree


I am a person who has/is:















Please prepare a brief essay of 300-500 words, discussing the following:

1.  Discuss why you are interested in participating in the YiM conference and what you hope to gain from the experience, etc.

2.  Discuss the plans and dreams you have for yourself after graduating from high school.  What colleges are you considering? What are your career goals, etc?

3.  In what way is your Christianity influencing your desires for the future?

*You can submit the essay in the following text box*


Reference Form

Have one person such as your Senior Minister, Youth Minister or other Christian Adult complete the Reference Form (no relatives), assessing their perception of you.

You will need to send the following link to your reference in order for them to complete the online form:


*In the event that your reference does not have access to the internet and would need you to mail them a hard copy of the reference form, you can download and print the form to mail to them by CLICKING HERE